Our wedding party

Emma's attendants
  • Kaytlyn Smith, Maid Of Honor
    Kaytlyn and I first met while working at the CSU Early Childhood Center in 2007. We became friends and got really close as the years went on. It's a little scary how much we have in common - especially our obsessions with all things Disney. We often finish each other's sentences and can tell what the other one is thinking with just a look. Kaytlyn just gets me. Kaytlyn feels that this quote really explains our relationship well: "It's not about who you've known the longest, it's about who came and never left your side." Kaytlyn has been there for me every step of the way, especially when it comes to planning the wedding. Kaytlyn found my perfect wedding dress and has been the perfect Maid of Honor. I could not ask for a better best friend!
  • Carissa Peterson, Bridesmaid
    Carissa is the sister of the groom and soon to be sister of the bride! Neither Carissa, nor I has ever had a sister and we are both so excited! We have had lots of fun times together: winning bingo and jumping in the pool in the middle of the night with all our clothes on in Costa Rica, cocktails and fiestas on the deck of a Caribbean Cruise, and just hanging out with family. I can't wait for all the fun times ahead with my new sister!
    From Ben:
    Carissa, I am so happy you and Emma have become such good friends and am really honored to have you be part of the wedding.I am so proud of you and all the things you have already accomplished at school. I know you have big things in your future. I too cannot wait for all the fun times together in the future, and am so honored to have you be part of this special day.
  • Janie Kleffner, Bridesmaid
    Janie and I are cousins, and we have been close friends our whole lives. (Check out the photo album page for an adorable childhood picture of the two of us). Janie is simply an amazing person. She is a year younger than me, but I have honestly always looked up to her. She's kind and confident. She's silly and she has always been there for me. Janie and I share so many fun memories from our childhood and more recent years as well. I love Janie so much and I am so excited for her to stand beside me on my special day!
  • Laura Kleffner, Bridesmaid
    Laura is also my cousin (Janie's little sister). Laura and I also have so many fun memories, especially summers spent at Coeur d'Alene lake. Laura is crazy fun and outgoing. I absolutely love spending time with her and I know that she and I will have a blast at the reception! I love Laura so much! I am so thankful to have Laura in my life, and so honored to have her as one of my bridesmaids.
  • Aubrie Fletcher, Bridesmaid
    Aubrie is my oldest and dearest friend. We met in seventh grade and were inseparable for years. We have spent so many hours laughing and being absolutely ridiculous together. We have also spent hours talking and supporting each other. Aubrie is a forever friend. She cares so much about everyone in her life and she has cared for me since the day we met. Aubrie was my strongest support when I moved to college and I am so thankful for her in so many ways. Her wedding day was so joyous and I loved sharing that with her. I am so excited to share mine with her as well! Love you smelly slut ;) (this nickname was given completely out of love)
  • Apryl Michel, Bridesmaid
    Apryl is an awesome person and I love hanging out with her. Her husband, Kyle, is Ben's best man, and the four of us have shared a number of fun and happy memories. Apryl is outgoing and fun, and whenever we're together it's a good time. I know we will be lifelong friends. As Ben and Kyle grow together as friends, so will Apryl and I. I am so excited for Apryl to be a part of this special day!
  • Olivia & Beka Leibow, Flower Girl
    I met Olivia and Beka at the CSU Early Childhood Center where I teach. I was Olivia's teacher for 2 years before she went on to Kindergarten last fall and Beka just moved into my class for the 2013-2014 school year! I love these two! The Leibows are an amazing family. Emily and Allan have raised two incredible little girls, and I hope to always be a part of their lives. The whole family is so special to me in so many ways, and I can't express how honored and excited I am to have them be a part of this important day!
  • Skylar Gaskill-Fox, Ring Bearer
    Skylar was also in my preschool class at CSU for 2 years. What a cool kid! I became very close with Skylar and his family over the years. Jamie and Nathan are such kind, supportive, and fun people. I am so thrilled to have Skylar and his family be a part of Ben and I's special day!
  • Max Lavigne, Usher
    Max is my younger brother and friend. We are very much alike and we share a silly sense of humor. We have grown so incredibly close over the years. I am so proud of the young man that Max is becoming. I have so much faith that he will be successful in everything that he does.He inspires me, and in my eyes, Max can do absolutely ANYTHING! Max also has a very special and unique bond with Ben. They both spoil me to death and love (I think) protecting and taking care of me. I love Max with all my heart and Ben and I are honored to have him be a part of our special day.
  • Victor Lavigne, Usher
    Victor is my youngest brother and friend. I have always enjoyed taking care of Victor since he is so much younger than me. When I moved away to college, Vic moved into my room, but whenever I would come home to visit, he let me sleep in his bed and he slept on the floor. We would watch movies together and talk before bed. It is sometimes hard for me to watch him grow up, but I am so proud of the person he has become and I know he is going to do big things. He means so much to me and I love him with all my heart. Ben and I are so happy to have him be a part of our special day.
Ben's attendants
  • Kyle Michel, Best Man
    Kyle has been my best friend since the second grade. We are extremely close and talk to each other almost every day. Kyle and I grew up together spending most weekends at each others houses, playing video games and getting into mischief. We went to CSU together freshman year and lived together in the dorms. Everyone thought we would kill each other, but living together strengthened our friendship. Kyle is the best friend a guy good ask for. I had the honor of being his best man at his wedding and am honored again to have him be my best friend and best man!
  • Sam Lavigne, Groomsman
    Sam is Emma's oldest younger brother. I am excited to finally have 3 younger brothers myself. Sam and I enjoy sitting by the fire, talking and drinking beer. Sam and I are both extremely competitive at the annual Thanksgiving bowling outing. Though Sam is younger than me, I have always looked up to him and am honored and excited to have a new little brother.
    From Emma:
    Sam has been my best friend since the day he was born. I want to first apologize for all the years of torture playing barbies, dressing him up like a girl, and basically making him do whatever I told him to do. Sam never complained, and as silly as some of those years were, they made us who we are today. Sam has always been my rock, my hero. He is protective, understanding, and a good listener. He has always been, and I know he will always be, there for me. I love Sam with all my heart, and he is such an important part of this day for both Ben, and I.
  • Chad Hartinger, Groomsman
    What do I even say about Chad. Chad is one of the craziest,goofiest,funniest people I know. I met Chad freshman year of college through Nick Coufal.Chad's baby face and fun personality make him one of the most popular people I know. We have had lots of good times together in the past (Many of which we cannot talk about together in public)Chad is always good for a laugh and can always make me smile. He is usually the life of the party, and I am excited to have him be there to celebrate our big day!
  • Adam (Dave-Cat) Davies, Groomsman
    I also met the "Cat" freshman year through Nick. The "Kansas City Kitty" and I have spent some great times together."Dave-Cat" is one of my more musically talented friends, and I have always enjoyed listening to his original songs. "Dave" has a similar job to me, and is my only friend that truly understands my job, and thus understands me. I am fortunate to have Adam as a friend and groomsman.
  • Jordan Lynch, Groomsman
    Jordan and I met freshman year of college, and lived together for 2 years. We were commonly known as "same guy" by some of our friends, as we share some similar characteristics.Jordan has been a great friend. I have Jordan to thank for introducing me to Emma, and am so excited to have him stand by my side on our wedding day.
  • Nick Coufal, Groomsman
    Nick is one of the first people I met at CSU and is responsible for introducing me to many of my friends I met in college.We lived together for 3 years and have had some crazy fun times together. We shared a party house together with Jordan and had some parties I will never forget. Nick is always there when you need a friend and want to have a good time. I am honored to have him be part of our special day.
  • Noah Harbour, Usher
    Noah and I worked together at Ace Hardware, and quickly became friends. We have had some great times together: tailgating at CSU football games,Tour de Fat, and going on a Caribbean cruise together. Noah is a very caring friend and is there when you need him. I am so happy he will be there to take part in our special day.
  • Aaron Bejarano, Usher
    I am not sure exactly when I met Aaron, but I am sure glad I did. Aaron is a great friend, and we share many of the same interests including music and non-competitive sports leagues in Ft. Collins. He is one of the best dancers I know, and seems to always have a little special hop in his step. I am pumped to have him take part in our wedding and show off his moves at the reception.
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